Easy-Cool XL UTV Door Latches


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Custom designed for aftermarket fenders, the new Easy-Cool XL UTV Door Latches are available in 5" and 8" variants. Read more...

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Keep Smiling Powersports Easy-Cool XL UTV Door Latches
Keep Smiling Powersports Easy-Cool XL UTV Door Latches
Keep Smiling Powersports Easy-Cool XL UTV Door Latches

Product Information

Enjoy the Flow!

 *Does not fit the RZR XP Pro.

The Easy-Cool XL UTV Door Latches are specifically designed for aftermarket fenders.  Available in the XL (5"), and XXL (8") variants.  For stock fenders, please refer to the original Easy-Cool UTV Door Latches.

Keep Smiling’s Easy-Cool XL UTV Door Latches are a cost-effective, simple and convenient way to increase airflow in the cab of your UTV on those hot riding days. The Easy-Cool Door Latches can be self-installed between the stock loop of the cab and the door latch. This product keeps your doors open approximately 5-8” while riding. The Easy-Cool XL Door Latch allows doors to remain solidly open during the ride experience. Just add between the stock door latch post and enjoy the flow!

Easy-Cool UTV Door Latches are light-weight, easy to carry and installed for both two (2) and four (4) seat models. Product is made with machined billet aluminum for consistent tolerances and fit.

  • Creates air flow and eliminates hot, stagnant air in the cab
  • Simple install to existing door latch mechanism
  • Eliminates negative pressure in cab
  • Installs in less than 10 seconds
  • Available for most UTV makes/models
  • Made in Utah, U.S.A.

Packet includes: 1 pair Easy-Cool XL Door Latches and a Keep Smiling Sticker!


Riding Conditions:

  • The Easy-Cool Door Latches performs well in all terrains and conditions, including sand, mud, desert, rock crawling and everyday use/adventure.


  • Easy opening of the door in case of an emergency; same as stock.
  • It stays in position even during bumpy rides.
  • Doors stay solid.
  • Maintains body line of the vehicle.
  • Amount of dust, dirt, and debris coming into cab is no more than stock open bottom doors.

RZR Style

  • Polaris RZR 2014-2021
  • Hook end fits post in cab. Hole clicks into stock door latch.
  • Easy install even when seated inside the machine.
  • Easy removal.

  • The Easy-Cool Door Latches include a one-year manufacturer warranty

What Customers Are Saying:

Jeffrey G.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Works great at getting some air into the cab!

These things work great. I put on a full windshield and my X3 was super-hot inside. I have been trying everything to get some air blowing through the cab and these things work the best of everything I have tried, by far.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Once you have it, you’ll wonder how you lived life without it!! This product is Amazing!

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