The Keep Smiling Advantage

Why Easy-Cool?

Keep Smiling Powersports
Cool off the cab of your UTV!

It's like AC for your side by side! Increase airflow inside the cab of your UTV and feel the flow.

Keep Smiling Powersports
Reduce dust!

Thanks to the reduction in negative pressure created by propping open the door, air flows outside of your cab through the bottom of the door, pushing dust out.

Keep Smiling Powersports
Safety first!

The Easy-Cool was designed to prop the door open far enough to move air but not stick out past fender body lines. Paired with solid USA construction, you can ride safe.

Polaris RZR Sand Dune
What our customers think


Works great at getting some air into the cab!

These things work great. I put on a full windshield and my X3 was super-hot inside. I have been trying everything to get some air blowing through the cab and these things work the best of everything I have tried, by far.

Jefferey G.

5 out 5 stars!

Once you have it, you’ll wonder how you lived life without it!! This product is Amazing!

Annabell K.

Thank you Bryce!

Bryce introduced me to a set of these down in Saint George, UT. I can't believe how much air flow is in my car now. I bought a set for all my buddies. Game changer!

Fischer V.

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We have the answers you need


How does the Easy-Cool work?

Everyone knows that the Easy-Cool Door Latch dramatically increases airflow into the cab of your UTV. But let's talk about HOW.

Thanks to the Easy-Cool Door Latch the heavy fast large volume of air that is moving past the upper door, can now drop across the rider and push the lower hot cab air out of the propped open door.

This results in significantly increased air flow, and as a result, lower temperatures.

Won't the Easy-Cool let dust in?

Surprisingly, the Easy-Cool Door Latch actually reduces the dust accumulated in the cab. Once installed, the Easy-Cool Door Latch creates negative pressure, which causes air to flow outside of the UTV cab through the bottom of the opening in the door, which pushes dust out.

Is the Easy-Cool safe?

Yes! Easy-Cool Door Latches are designed to prop the door open far enough to move air but not stick out past the fender body lines. If the correct Easy-Cool length is used (we can help with that) there will be very minimal mud, dust, rocks, or sticks getting into the cab.

The Easy-Cool Door Latch is constructed out of the highest quality materials in the USA, and is quality controlled at the highest level.

Which size should I get?

Some of our customers are confused about when to get an XL or XXL Easy-Cool Door Latch.

If your machine has stock fenders, please stick to the standard sized Easy-Cools. A longer Easy-Cool will not create any more air flow, and it could potentially be dangerous.

The XL and XXL Easy-Cools are designed to be used with aftermarket fenders that stick out wider than their stock counterparts.

If you are purchasing XL or XXL, please check your fenders, and determine how much further than stock they stick out. XL is for 5", and XXL is for 8".

Can't I just make my own?

The answer is yes. You could make anything at home.

The Easy-Cool advantage is that our product is made in America, anodyzed for a professional look to match your UTV, and laser cut with precision to be the perfect length to optimize both safety and function and to complement the aesthetic of your ride.

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