What´s my light

What´s my light

Having a light bar in your UTV or truck is one of the first upgrades you can do for your ride and one that will have great benefits. Because of that, we have a wide quantity of light bars waiting for you.
At the same time, deciding which light bar is the right one for you, will depend on four factors: the chip of the LED, the shape of your lightbar, the reflector and finally, the beam pattern. We are here to give you a quick guide to help you decide.

The chip of your LED
There is two type of chips that are most used in the LED lightbar, fabricated by the two companies dominating the world or lighting for vehicles: Cree and Osram (a third big one is Phillips). All the light bars we carry belong to one of the first two.
Cree is a market-leading innovator and manufacturer of semiconductors in the US. Cree’s product line includes blue and green LED chips, light emitting diodes, light-emitting diode backlight for power switching devices, radio frequency equipment and radio equipment of the light-emitting diodes.
Many people say that their chips, hence lightbars, are highly efficient LEDs. They highlight their quality and efficiency.
A more advanced chip of Cree is the XTE (which we also carry).
OSRAM is one of the two leading lighting manufacturers in the world, headquartered in Munich, Germany. OSRAM’s products are widely used in public places, offices, factories, homes and automotive lighting in all areas.
In general terms, Cree LEDs are used frequently for flood beams, while Osram is preferred for spot beams.

We have both Cree and Osram light in different sizes for you to choose

3D, 4D, 5D
The reflector is the next thing you have to consider when buying a lightbar. The most usual is 3D, which is a big improvement from the classical. It has more efficiency and lighting distance.
With the development of new technologies, some corrections were made and the fisheye, the same idea behind camera lenses, was applied here. That´s how 4D was born. Fisheye allows you to have a super wide angle, with a stronger visual to create a panorama. The same science is behind this.
5D is the next generation. It improves some characteristics of 4D that some people wanted. In simple, 5D is the combination of the 5D fisheye and the reflectors of the 3D, enhancing the performance in flood beam.

3D versus ohters

real life 4D
Beam pattern
The way the reflectors concentrate the light will determine the beam pattern of your lightbar. The kind you need will depend to the use you want to give. You have to remember that the light produced by your lightbar will be the same, so the more “concentrated” is your light, it will illuminate a longer distance (spot), while a more “spread” light will illuminate with a wider angle, hence less distance (flood).
A spot beam lights with an angle between 8-10 degrees (some even between 10-30 degrees depending on the light). This will be good to light a long road at night or for some specific spot you want to light up.
Flood beams light in an angle of 40 to 120 degrees. This is good if you are lighting an off-road trail and there are overhead tree limbs you want to be able to see.
And finally, you have the combo of these two, which will have a flood pattern and a spot beam.

Type of beams

The shape of your light bar
There are two main shapes of your light bars: straight and curved. As a general rule, curved light bars work better for flood and straight for spot beams.


Other considerations

Single or double row: It depends where you ride and your own preferences. For riding in the desert single rows lead the way. Because they have larger projectors directing the light to one point, the light is more focused and you "loose" less light going into the hood or the sky.

Double rows are preferred to go off-roading, mostly because you don't need the light to go very far. Instead, you want a widespread beam pattern.

 Size: It will depend on your vehicle. We have a wide variety of sizes and styles. 

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